sábado, 18 de setembro de 2010

24 de agosto de 2010

This love is bigger than my problems, it's bigger than me. This world is so small to our love, to our life together. This letter isn't enought to talk about love's history. The love's history can't explain our history, our love, our life.
The time goes very fast with you, but it doesn't go without you. I'm here thinking in you and in all moments that we have been together. I don't wanna lose you, I won't leave you, I can't stay so lonely. Lonely, it's how I think I am when you aren't here, by my side.
I need, I want and I don't have you here. I'm waiting for you, I'm waiting your love, I'm waiting your smile, to make me smile. One more kiss could be the best thing, if you won't go after this.
I dream about you all night and I believe that you dream about me by your side. I don't know if you know who I am, but I try to be the best person for you, exactly how you are to me.
You are very important in my life, you are my life. I know that with you I have friendship, happiness, love and freedom. And I wanna have this, I wanna have you, I wanna love you, I want you, with me, forever. Don't forget anything that we pass, don't forget our love, our history. Don't forget me.
Don't forget, you are my happiness now, you are my life now. Forever.

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